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Take a good look at this amazing blond! Working as maid for other people, she went to clean some new customer’s apartment. He expected an old, wrinkled woman and instead this amazing piece of meat came to his house. His jaw dropped in amazement and couldn’t stop starring at her rounded ass and impressive rack. After a while, he made his move and she spread her legs for him gladly, letting him to ram her meaty pussy wildly. Soon enough, her tits were covered in cum. And after that, this busty chick even finished her work. That’s one satisfied customer, soon to call her again!

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Meoww always wished to be a barmaid. With her name and amazing body, she sure would make a good one. Just imagine, how guests would react, seeing such a great rack and hearing her name! So she dressed as skimpy, as she could and went for a nearby bar. And it worked! Just a little bit differently, then she expected. Bar owner was so aroused by her that she ended up spreading her stockinged legs for him behind the bar! Man, I hope she will get that job, because I’d love to see this busty chick at work!

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Dani had tough times, and ended up as door to door salesman of cleaning products. It wasn’t much of a job, but still better then empty purse. One day she presented to a guy, how to use couch cleaner and accidentally showed too much. Dude couldn’t stand still after seeing her amazing rounded ass and made his move. As proper salesman, Dany spread her stockinged legs without complaint and sealed the deal! That’s one happy customer sure to make another purchase next time!

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Janice is a black masseuse whose trademark is a full body massage. She’s proud of her work and it also provides her with access to a stream of handsome guys. Being a sly chick, sometimes she goes a long way to please her customers. Like this guy. When she came over to do her job, his jaw dropped. She liked him and after a proper massage allowed him to fuck her meaty pussy and unload his cum all over her huge breasts. Watching this busty girl doing her work is simply breathtaking!

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When curvy girl wants a new job, it’s best to dress in skinny clothes. Nicolleta did just that and went for an interview to a call centre. Her soon-to-be-boss was a sly man and liked what he saw. He fooled her, telling that there is a special bonus for women with a large rack. Wishing for bonus, she followed him to and empty office and showed him her impressive tits. It wasn’t long, before she had her meaty pussy properly fucked by her horny boss and breasts covered with his cum!

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Peyton felt horny and she wanted to play with her top of the line vibrator, but it broke. It could bee an accident or maybe she overused it, but she had to call a tech anyway. When the guy came he tried to fix it, but failed miserably. He had no choice then to serve as substitute for her play toy, as this busty chick took hour from his work and used him to her pleasure. No need to say, he was happy to serve and spay his cum all over her well rounded tits!

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